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Nov. 2nd, 2010

small me

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I'm feeling down...

Apr. 30th, 2009

small me

Appi thatha

It has been a month since thatha passed away. Sometimes, if someone asks me where he is, I still instinctively say "mama's house" (my uncle's house in the next street). It's so hard to believe he is gone. 

Thatha's whole life circled around his beloved Mylapore. One of the nicest things about thatha's life was, till his end, he could independently walk between his son's and daughter's houses, which were about 5 mins walk apart. Summer evenings remind me of him enjoying the lovely sea breeze and bringing ice cream for us, his grandkids. I haven't been able to buy a new book since his death; for, I would always read books and then discuss them with him. The other day, I came across a book which I'd dissected with him last year and I could still hear his voice in my head, giving his thoughts and ideas.

My thatha was a revolutionary man. He learnt to use e-mail before most of his grandkids. He learnt medical transcription when he was past 70. During his last few months, he started using Ubuntu 8.04 and enjoyed learning how to use the new operating system! 

I have always had a taste for exotic, different cuisines - italian, mexican, lebanese and even Subway sandwiches! I realize now that many of these have been introduced to me by him. For the rest of my life, I shall recollect him when I eat Pepper Jack cheese for it was he who introduced me to it. 

He could educate one on any topic in the world. Dinner conversations with thatha always promised to be a storehouse of knowledge. He would talk on a variety of topics from his times with his grandmother, to a topic in medicine, to an interesting article in the Hindu.. what not!

In a way, it gratifies me to think that, even on his last conscious day, he still went through all his routines - the Hindu crossword, Thursday prayers, Sudoku. He enjoyed his biscuits and filter coffee till the very end. 

I should've written this long ago. Even now, I am finding it difficult to frame this post because I feel like crying. Although, I know that he lived a full life (he saw my marriage!!) and he did have a relatively painless end. I love you thatha...
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Mar. 28th, 2009

small me


Just curious how many people still read this. Pong if you do.

Sep. 25th, 2008

small me

Mr and Mrs Ashish!!

Mr and Mrs Ashish!!
Originally uploaded by vyshnavi
Need I say more? Click the pic :D

Jul. 31st, 2008

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I'm gonna be a bride!!

Chandler… In all my life… I never thought I would be so lucky. (Starting to cry.) As to…fall in love with my best…my best… There’s a reason why girls don’t do this!
--Monica, Friends, Season 6, Ep 24

Even before I had seen this episode, it had always been my dream to fall for my best friend. I'd all but given up, when suddenly it appeared like I had all that I had ever dreamt of, right under my nose.

Considering I met him here, more accurately here, I am so happy to share with all of you that we're getting married. Go here to know more, and do let me know if you can make it!

ti22   and vyshnavi  = ashvysh forever...
small me

Let's go home...

It is a phrase we all use almost everyday, in various capacities. I have myself referred to several places as "home" - my hostel, a PG accommodation, an apartment shared with friends, an apartment where it's just me, home in Chennai, my in-laws place in Bangalore (soon to be the default value of home!).

On another, related note - it is exactly 4 yrs since I moved to Bangalore. More importantly, it is 4 years since I have lived out of home. I am so glad those days are coming to an end! Don't get me wrong - it has been a wonderful experience, one that I have treasured and learnt a great deal from. As I sit up late tonight, I feel the impact of the end of a chapter of life. I have learnt so much on my own, and made the most awesome friends...

Late last night, as ti22 dropped me back home after yet another busy day, we realized it was probably the last time he'd have to drop me back home and drive back and all. We fell silent, partly from exhaustion and partly nostalgia. "Vysh", he said, "I think it's time to say - Let's go home"

But then, more about that in the next post :)

May. 3rd, 2008

small me

ti22 + vyshnavi

 ashvysh forever!!!



comments there, please! :)

Mar. 30th, 2008

small me

Quarter life...

This birthday could prove to be a milestone in my life, in more ways than one ;)

For now, I am just very grateful for everything good in my life! Cheers to all!
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Jan. 30th, 2008

maroon saree


I am tired. So damn tired.

This has been happening for awhile now. From the end of November '07, to be precise. Fever and asthma have been a part of my normal routine.. Just when I thought I was alright for a few days, I'd get fever again. It was horrible!

Finally switched to homeopathy last week. The results are slow, but at least I haven't had a fever since then. I still lack energy. It doesn't help that my ride to office in the morning, what normally shouldn't take more than 15-20 mins, has been taking a solid 45 mins in the last couple of weeks, what with all the underpass construction happening on Cauvery theatre junction etc. Now, it's one thing to take 45 mins to work when the traffic is constantly flowing. It's entirely another thing to sit for 45 mins in a standstill traffic jam. The choice between inhaling exhaust fumes from every other standstill vehicle and the carbon dioxide of 4 other people in a closed cab isn't exactly a very great one.

Enough of the rant. I'm determined to make some changes in my lifestyle. Here they are:
  • Change my sleep timings. Currently I sleep at some odd, vague hour - midnight, 0100 etc, and I can barely open my eyes at 0800. Yes, this really sucks! On some days, it is difficult for me to sleep before midnight. But maybe I should just keep midnight as my absolute deadline? I can surely wake up by about 0630 - 0700 if I sleep that much earlier.
  • Change my work timings. Currently, I leave home at about 0915 and reach back anytime between 1900 and 2300. As far as possible, I do make my own lunch, so re-arranging my morning schedule without giving up the home-lunch will surely be a challenge. But yes. I want to leave home by 0830 and be back... well, early. I admit I find it difficult to leave early, but I want to shuffle things around and correct this.
  • Get more exercise. I want to join salsa classes, but with my asthma, I think I need to join yoga classes. 
  • Set aside some time for myself in the day, but not too much of it. By time to myself, I don't mean time that I am alone but working on stuff (ie office/home work). I mean time that I can spend relaxing however I want - reading books, watching a movie, whatever. Does this include time with friends? I'm not sure. That isn't something that happens everyday, anyway. Obviously this is excluding family time.
  • Diet? Well, I've been pretty careful with the diet in the last 2 months. I tend to eat food from home more often than not. Though, I tend to get lazy when all I need to do is cook for myself. I feel like - oh, it's just me, why should I bother? Sometimes I just eat fruits or skip meals altogether. Utter laziness more than anything else. But yeah, I suppose this is better than just eating junk all the time?
I don't know what else. I need suggestions. What do you think? I know that revamping a lot is going to be difficult, but frankly, I'm so tired of falling sick that I think that will drive me to do anything.

Hoping for the best!
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Jan. 3rd, 2008

small me

Happy 2008, and my biography

Thanks to elsh for this article - clickey! I feel like it is written about me ;) Happy Introverts Day to all you like-minded souls :) I think I'm going to go home and celebrate with a hot cuppa soup and my copy of h2g2 (thankie ti22!)

Happy 2008 to all of you. Hope this year brings you everything that you've dreamt about :)

Update: Had my day made yesterday by a friend who offered to help me out with something when I knew that it would've made things just a little more difficult for him. Unconditional friendship indeed. Super proud to have such good friends... all of you :) This goes out to all of you: clickey (thanks fox2mike)

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